Thursday, August 21, 2014

Harriet Sully

Her name is Harriet Sully and I am not sure of her story. Complete, 2014. She is available, contact the artist.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Thomas Fenwick Drayton (1808-1891)

Drayton was an Army Brigadier-General, a planter and was active in the development of the railroad in South Carolina and Georgia. Drayton Hall is a much visited plantation in Charleston, SC, kept intact by seven generations of the family. Complete 2014. Available.

William Cress

A native of London, William Cress immigrated to Baltimore in 1769 and became a lawyer. He fathered 12 children with his wife Mary Havens Cress. Complete 2014. Available.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rawlings Lowndes (1721-1800)

Rawlin was a lawyer and politician, president/governor of South Carolina. I also know Lowndes Grove exists currently as a very nice old mansion on the Ashley River in Charleston which belonged to his son, where I have been to a few good oyster roasts. Painting complete 2013. Available. Contact Snyderman-Works Gallery.


Original is in The National Gallery in DC. Complete August 2012. Available through the Snyderman Works Gallery, Philadelphia.

Young Catesby ap Roger Jones (1821-1877)

Catesby ap Roger Jones, which means Catesby, son of Roger Jones in the Welsh language, was Executive Officer of the ironclad, Virginia. When the Commanding Officer became wounded, Jones took temporary command, leading the ship during her historic engagement with the USS Monitor, March 6 1862.  Available. Contact the artist for sale.

Rosalba Peale (1799-1874)

The original was painted by Anna Claypoole Peale of her younger cousin, Rosalba. Rosalba was named after a Venetian miniaturist, emphasizing the Peale's faith in the continuity of both the art and the family. This painting was completed in November 2012 and is now sold.