Thursday, March 5, 2015

Party Tonight! March 5 at Red Bull Studos NYC

White Trash is in The Gift Shop by All Day Every Day at Red Bull Studios NYC, Opening March 5

Gen. Jefferson Davis

Don't really need to say much about who this nice looking fellow is. He is available at The Gift Shop in Red Bull Studios NYC.

Lorraine Divine

This is a painting after the famous The White Hat by Jean Baptiste Grueze. It is available through The Gift Shop at Red Bull Studios, NYC. I gave her a fictitious Philly name.

Henry Charles Lea (1825-1909)

Honor Jeffers, c. 2014

As it is becoming increasing difficult for me to source the portraits I am painting, I at times, bereft of the reference to the sitter, as is the case here. What is interesting to me is the placement of the image befitting of the crown on the Bud can, thereby creating a good marriage of can and image which makes for the best pieces. Complete November 2014. Available, at The Gift Shop, Red Bull Studios NYC.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Elisabeth Louise Vigee-Lebrun (1755-1842)

From a self portrait. Elisabeth was one of the best known and most fashionable  portraitist in 18th century France; her clients included the Queen Marie Antionette, whose portrait she painted 30 times. Sold.

Julia Ingam

Julia Ingam. Available. Contact the artist.