Saturday, February 9, 2013

Isaac Penn Gaskell (1811-1842)

The original is by Thomas Sully, one of Philadelphia's most popular portrait painters. Isaac is known as a relative of William Penn and a doctor who lived in Paris. He is styling on an Arctic Splash iced tea box, Philly's finest trash. Available. $300.

Susan Doughty Gailliard (1806-1832)

Susan, Mrs. Henry Broughton Mazyck, is known as wife of Mazyck who was a planter of Hugenot descent, associated with Fairlawn and Mulberry plantations in South Carolina. She had three children.
This was completed in January 2013 and is sold.

Henrietta Marchant Liston (d.1828)

This Mrs. Robert Liston, painted originally in 1800 by Gilbert Stuart. Henrietta was the daughter of Nathaniel Marchant of Antigua and Jamaica. She married Robert, recently appointed British minister to the US, in 1796.The couple became part of the political world of the Adams administration. No children. This, complete in January of 2013. Sold.

Governor Henry Alexander Wise (1806-1876)

Commissioned by Tibby Ford of Washington, DC as a portrait of her husband's relative who was a US Congressman and governor of Virginia. He supported secession. As a Congressman, one of his last acts was to sign the death warrant of John Brown. He also had a career in law and was a brigadier general in the Confederate army. Ironically, one of his properties, lost in the war, became a school for newly emancipated slaves and there children. Married three times, the first two wives of nineteen years produced fourteen children, seven of which lived to adulthood. He settled with his third wife in Richmond and resumed his law career. His two surviving sons were active in both state and Federal politics.

Portrait of a Gentleman

This is a copy of William Dunlap's "Portrait of a Gentleman" probably done around 1813. This version was completed in January of 2013. Sold.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


"Portrait of a General" was originally painted by John Johnston in Boston around 1880. This latest version is a rare oil on cigarette pack. Complete January 2013. Sold.

A General's Wife

This portrait was original to John Johnston and painted in Boston around 1880ish. This newer version was complete in January of 2013 an is an oil on Arctic Splash, Philly preeminent neighborhood summertime road trash. Stolen from a show.

Emma Middleton Huger Izard (1813-1892)

So Emma is a Middleton, a Huger and an Izard. Yes, we are all related. Why? As early peeps like Emma demonstrate, us white folks intermarried like crazy to keep everything in the family, yo. That's a starting point for interracial stuff goings on too. Whatev, today, one love. NA