Thursday, January 2, 2014

Alice, blue

The origin of this portrait miniature is not known to me. Interesting style, almost naive. 2013. Sold.

Mrs. Laura Johnston (1795-1883)

Laura Woolsey, also known as Mrs. William Samuel Johnson.  A member of the prominent Conneticut based Woolsey family, she frequently stayed in New Haven while her husband worked at his legal firm in New York. They were happily married for over fifty years,  during which they lost two children in infancy and raised four to adulthood. Completed November 2011. Sold.

Arthur Nathaniel

The original is from the Rosenbach Museum's collection. Sometimes they had info on the painter of their miniatures but rarely knew much about the sitters as was the case here. So I named him Arthur.
2013. Sold.

Boy on Miller

Unknown Boy on Miller can. Original is in the National Portrait gallery. Complete January 2013. Sold

Mrs. Elizabeth Dunlap (1768-1848)

Elizabeth Woolsey, from an old conservative New York family,  married William Dunlap in 1789. William who was a multifaceted artist and was also involved in the theater, traveled continuously and painted this portrait of his wife perhaps as a surrogate during his long absences. Completed December 2011. Sold.