Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1846)

Jefferson was the third president of the US, founding father and principal author of the Declaration of Independence. This was complete May 2013 and is available. Sold.

John Adams (1735-1826)

John Adams was the second president of the US and the first Vice President. "Power always thinks that it is doing God 's service when it is violating all his laws" is one of my favorite quotes of his. He was defeated from re- election by Jefferson, portrayed next (above). Complete May 2013. Sold.

Alvan Fisher (1782-1863)

Alvan Fisher was one of the nations pioneers in landscape paintings and genre works. Complete in May 2013. Sold.

Col. Richard Thomas (1749-1831)

Colonel Richard Thomas was a US Representative from Pennsylvania. He served in the American Revolutionary War as a colonel. He was elected as a Federalist to the 4th, 5th and 6th Congress. Also he was a farmer. The original is by James Peale. This, complete January of 2013. Available. Sold.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Marianne Beckett

The original is another from my favorite miniature portrait painter, Anna Claypoole Peale. Not much is known about the sitter except her name at this point. She has a very appealing (pun!) look and is perfect for this can. If she doesn't sell soon I may decide to keep this one. Like. 2013. Oops, Sold.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013


The sitter for the original is unknown but sources say it was acquired in Summerville, SC. I named him Jeremiah.  I like how this portrait turned out a bit more painterly than usual. 2013. Sold.

Mrs. Staughton

The original miniature is at the Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia. They have a huge collection of miniature portraits but 96% were European so I could only use a few of their collection for resources. Interesting note: the European portraits are oil on copper and the American ones are watercolor on ivory. Mine are oil on trash. This was complete in 2013 and sold.

James Reid Pringle (1782-1840)

This is a family name from my Dad's mom's mom. I'm not bragging but the Pringles are front row in  St. Stephens and St. Micheals graveyards. Charleston has some cool graveyards. If you ever go, the best one is Magnolia Cemetery, just north of the city in "the Neck" (I have people there too) and the next best one is the Unitarian Graveyard, down Gateway Walk, from King Street. My mom used to live on  the Walk and my daughter and I played there a lot. It has a beautiful garden setting which is very old and overgrown. I have people in the James Island Cemetery at the end of Harbor View Road too. This painting was done in 2013 and is sold.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Anna Claypoole Peale (1791-1898)

Anna was a Philly girl and my favorite American miniature painter from the family of painters, the Peale's. She  sold her first paintings, copies of French landscapes, at the age of fourteen. She had her first major exhibition when she was just twenty and was in the first exhibition at PAFA where she continued to show for many years. Go girl. This portrait of  was complete in 2013. And is sold.

John Ellis Wool (1784-1869)

John Wool was an officer in the US Army during three consequent wars:The War of 1812, The Mexican-American War and The Civil War. He had over fifty years of service and seems like a great guy, very high principled. This painting was complete in 2013. NA.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Catherine Brass Yates

Mrs. Richard Yates, Catherine,is simply known as the wife of a NY businessman. I read also that she is a Philadelphia socialite. Maybe she is both. The original painting is by Gilbert Stuart, complete in 1794, and is considered on of the finest American portraits of its time. This one, complete in 2013 by me, is also one of the finest American portraits of its time, lol. Yeah, I said that. Sold, duh.

Unknown Woman with Curls

The origin of the portrait is unknown. I just love the somewhat contemporary and plain way that she looks. Clearly she is 24 years old like the can says. Complete 2013.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Edwin Shippen Burd (1744-1859)

Married Eliza Sims, had two daughters, traveled, lived in a three story brick house on the north side of Walnut Street, in Philadelphia, between 9th and 10th Streets, friends with Joseph Bonaparte, has a monument in Saint Stephens churchyard, founded an orphans asylum, later called The Burd's Scool for Girls, and so on. He is listed in the Provincial History of Pennsylvania. He is almost pretty, I think. This painting was completed in 2013. NA.

James Ewell Brown "Jeb" Stuart (1833-1864)

Jeb Stuart was a US Army officer from Virginia and a Confederate States Army General during the American Civil War. He was a legendary figure and is considered one of the greatest Calvary commanders in American history. He died young but lived a crazy interesting life. Look him up. Complete, 2013 and not available.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rosalba Peale Underwood (1799-1874)

Rosalba is the eldest daughter of Rembrant Peale, portrayed here in her early twenties. Rembrandt tutored his daughter in art and raised her to be an independent and strong minded woman. Although Rosa had many suitors she refued to marry "the everyday man" and did not wed until she was sixty two. She was buried in Woodlands Cemetary, Philadelphia. NFS

John Bell Hood (1831-1879)

John B. Hood was a Confederate General during The American Civil War. He had a reputation for bravery and aggressiveness that sometimes bordered on recklessness. Arguably one of the best brigade officers in the Confederate Army, Hood became increasingly ineffective. He lost use of one arm, a leg was amputated and finally severely damaged his army by launching a massive frontal assault at the Battle of Franklin. Retired, he became a cotton broker in New Orleans and lost his business during the yellow fever epidemic and then his life to the epidemic shortly after his wife died, leaving ten destitute children. Completed in 2013. NA.

Major General George G. Meade (1815-1872)

George Gordon Meade was a career US Army officer and civil engineer involved in coastal construction, including several lighthouses. He is best known for defeating Confederate General Robert E. Lee at The Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. He died in Philadelphia and is buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery. there are several monuments in Pennsylvania dedicated to Meade including one in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia by Alexander Milne Calder. Not Available.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Oliver Hazard Perry (1785-1819)

 P.Perry is a portrait of which I have lost the reference. Nevertheless I painted him because I liked the way he looked, not because of who he was. Priorities people! Complete 2013.
Hey, I found the reference! This is Oliver Hazard Perry, born in Wakefield, RI. He followed his father's footsteps a and began a career in the navy and given his first command in 1809. He then had a brilliant but controversial career, until he died aboard ship of Venezuela in 1819, a victim of yellow fever. Sold.

Mary Jane Peale (1827-1902)

Mary Jane was an American artist. She was the only girl of seven children born to Rueben Peale and  Eliza Burd Paterson Peale. Painted 2013. NA.

Joseph Hooker (1814-1879)

Joseph was a career US Army officer, achieving the rank of Major General in the Union Army during the American Civil War. Although he fought many times with distinction, he is w generally known for his stunning defeat to General Robert E Lee at the Battle off Chancerorsville in 1863. He was also known as a hard drinking ladies man and the name  "hooker" as a synonym for prostitute it sometimes related to him. Complete 2013. NA

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

"A house divided itself cannot stand" Here is a man, our 16th president, who seems to speak for all times. In referencing this great man for my white trash family I can only say, he is also a hero for all times and all people and lends the air of inclusiveness and equanimity that I prefer to promote with this series because where this series errs the most is from the side of being judgmental and I think being judgemental is a drag. A reality sandwich which for me, comes along with  understanding southerners and southern society is that even though some people become more important socially, that is simply a construct and more truthfully, we are all related. And nothing matters more than you think it does.
This painting was complete in November 201. sold

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Isaac Penn Gaskell (1811-1842)

The original is by Thomas Sully, one of Philadelphia's most popular portrait painters. Isaac is known as a relative of William Penn and a doctor who lived in Paris. He is styling on an Arctic Splash iced tea box, Philly's finest trash. Available. $300.

Susan Doughty Gailliard (1806-1832)

Susan, Mrs. Henry Broughton Mazyck, is known as wife of Mazyck who was a planter of Hugenot descent, associated with Fairlawn and Mulberry plantations in South Carolina. She had three children.
This was completed in January 2013 and is sold.

Henrietta Marchant Liston (d.1828)

This Mrs. Robert Liston, painted originally in 1800 by Gilbert Stuart. Henrietta was the daughter of Nathaniel Marchant of Antigua and Jamaica. She married Robert, recently appointed British minister to the US, in 1796.The couple became part of the political world of the Adams administration. No children. This, complete in January of 2013. Sold.

Governor Henry Alexander Wise (1806-1876)

Commissioned by Tibby Ford of Washington, DC as a portrait of her husband's relative who was a US Congressman and governor of Virginia. He supported secession. As a Congressman, one of his last acts was to sign the death warrant of John Brown. He also had a career in law and was a brigadier general in the Confederate army. Ironically, one of his properties, lost in the war, became a school for newly emancipated slaves and there children. Married three times, the first two wives of nineteen years produced fourteen children, seven of which lived to adulthood. He settled with his third wife in Richmond and resumed his law career. His two surviving sons were active in both state and Federal politics.

Portrait of a Gentleman

This is a copy of William Dunlap's "Portrait of a Gentleman" probably done around 1813. This version was completed in January of 2013. Sold.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


"Portrait of a General" was originally painted by John Johnston in Boston around 1880. This latest version is a rare oil on cigarette pack. Complete January 2013. Sold.

A General's Wife

This portrait was original to John Johnston and painted in Boston around 1880ish. This newer version was complete in January of 2013 an is an oil on Arctic Splash, Philly preeminent neighborhood summertime road trash. Stolen from a show.

Emma Middleton Huger Izard (1813-1892)

So Emma is a Middleton, a Huger and an Izard. Yes, we are all related. Why? As early peeps like Emma demonstrate, us white folks intermarried like crazy to keep everything in the family, yo. That's a starting point for interracial stuff goings on too. Whatev, today, one love. NA

Friday, February 1, 2013

Girl with Peach

I lost the reference for this painting. It is in a more naive style which is often typical for children's portraits, in my experience.
Childrens portraits, in general, are hard to find. Particularly in the miniature style where the object was designed to be worn and was usually a gift for a loved one, from one adult to another. Sold.