Friday, March 9, 2012

Samuel Bradford (1776-1837)

Original by Rembrandt Peale. Samuel Fisher Bradford was the great great grandson of William Bradford who came to America with William Penn. He introduced printing to the Middle Colonies with the publication of the New York Gazette, the first newspaper published in the Middle Colonies. He also had a large book selling business on the west side of 3rd street below Market Street in Philadelphia until 1816. This white trash painting was done in January of 2012. Snyderman-Works Gallery in Philadelphia. Sold.

Rembrandt Peale (1788-1860)

Original by James Peale, painted in 1795 of his 17 year old nephew Rembrandt Peale. This was a pivotal year for the nephew as this same year Rembrandt's father Charles, founded the Columbianum, later to become the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and turned over his practice in oil portraits and silhouttes to his two oldest sons, Rembrandt and Raphaelle. This completed February 2012. Sold.

Martha Washington (1732-1803)

Informal portrait originally painted by Robert Field in 1801 at Mt Vernon, portrays her as a widow undergoing prolonged mourning, signified by the black ribbon in her cap. Here completed December 2011. Sold

Gen. Winfield Scott (1803-89)

General-in-Chief of the Army (1785-1866) stood six feet, five inches tall and was a magnificent figure in the full military dress he proudly wore. Famous for his insistence on proper military form, including sashes, plumes and medals, he was dubbed "Old Fuss and Feathers". Original c. 1855 by Robert Wier. This completed January 2012. Sold.

Susan Wetherill (1817-57)

Members of the established elite, The prominent Wetherill family emigrated from England in the late 17th century. They contributed to Philadelphia society as founders of the Free Quaker religious movement, which approved of bearing arms in support of the Revolution, and as pioneers in the combined fields of manufacturing and science. At the time this was painted, in 1843, the original artist, George Cushman, was expressing his unrequited love for the sitter, his future wife. Completed February 2012. sold