Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Andrew Jackson (1767-1845)

Anna Claypoole Peale limned one of the best known miniatures ever made of a military leader. She painted Andrew Jackson in early 1819 while accompanying her uncle Charles on a painting expedition to Washington. This miniature can be understood in the context of the innumerable images of Washington as honoring a great person who led an exemplary public life. But more controversial.
The planter politician from Tennessee had risen to prominence as a ferocious "indian fighter". His victory in The Battle of New Orleans concluded the War of 1812 and sparked a spirit of nationalism. At he time of this portrait he was under investigation by Congress for his brutal treatment of the Seminoles and his reckless execution of the two British subject who aided the Native Americans. The House vindicated his conduct and this portrait was exhibited at The Phladelphia of Fine Arts in 1819.
Completed February 2012. Sold.

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